Through an all volunteer effort, People for the Poor, Inc., manages and organizes fundraisers whose proceeds go to organizations helping individuals have food to eat and a place to sleep.

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100% of your donations help the homeless and hungry of South Jersey. People for the Poor is always looking for contributions of any kind, including raffle prize donations for our upcoming events.

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Hello Friends,
Because of the uncertainty of the coronavirus and all its present
restrictions, we have decided, for the safety of everyone, to cancel
our People For The Poor Spring Fling Beef & Beer this year.
We are planning a Comedy Night June 12th (if possible).  
More info on this fundraiser will follow.
As you all know, People for the Poor helps support nine local homeless
shelters and food kitchens in South Jersey. The annual Beef & Beer represents 
approximately 40% of our yearly fundraising efforts.  So, if anyone would like 
to make a donation in lieu of the Spring Fling, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
Checks can be made to People for the Poor.  
PO Box 821, Bellmawr, NJ. 08099
Or – You can donate on line at our website: www.peopleforthepoor.org
We pray that you all stay safe and that his crises will soon be over.
On behalf of the homeless and hungry, we thank you.
Annamaria Moscariello Wolk 1951-2020

Annamaria Moscariello Wolk 1951-2020

Anna Wolk, our beloved friend and dedicated People for the Poor board member, passed away on April 3, a victim of the Coronavirus. 
Anna was very creative lady with a grounded can-do attitude.  
Her heart was filled with love and caring for her family and friends as well as being a big ole softie for all animals.
Always thankful for her blessings she considered it to privilege to donate her time and efforts toward helping those in need.
Thank you Anna. You are greatly missed.